Friday, July 12, 2024

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New hall

The 250-capacity hall for the school is completed and ready for use. Students are implored to:

  1. Carefully open and close seats after use.
  2. Do not eat in the hall (especially groundnut).
  3. Keep the hall clean. Do not litter with papers
  4. Do not sleep on the chairs or tables.
  5. Flush the toilet after use. Please ensure that there is water befor using the toilet.
  6. Do not make noise or cause any unnecessary distraction that will affect other students concentration.
  7. The hall is not meant for any religious activity.
  8. The hall will be locked daily after lectures. A lecturer may approach the school officer for key to the hall for use. Such lecturer must close the hall and return the key after use. He/She will be liable for damages if the hall is left open.

Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna


Dr Ubandoma Yahaya
Deputy Provost


Alhaji Yusuf Doma


School Officers

Mrs Daniel Theresa Avusuali
Acting Dean



Mr. Jimoh Femi
HOD, Physical and Health Education



Dr. Dania
HOD, Physics department


Dr. Niyi Olusola
HOD, Mathematics department



Mrs. Oti Elizabeth
HOD, Biology department


Mallam Jibrin Mohammed
HOD, Computer Science department



Dr Bunu
HOD, Chemistry department



Mrs. Isyaku Amina
HOD, Integrated Science department